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Checkpoint Charlie

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Checkpoint Charlie is a tourist attraction located in Berlin, ఙర్మని

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Steph T
5 October 2012

Supposedly the actors that play border guards during the day are male strippers at night.

Best Western Central Europe

A must see! Great exhibition about the history of Berlin Wall along Friedrichstrasse.

İlker Ucar
12 September 2014

Just a tourist circus. If you want to see Wall, must go Bernauer Staße. (You can go with U8.)

Donald Burke
18 March 2011

Welcome to the Disney Land of Berlin.

Sean 808080
21 July 2011

Is that really a McDonalds here? For shame!

Sid Gans
28 February 2010

Cross Checkpoint Charlie in the trunk of a car.

26 February 2011

As a tourist spot, this is overrated. But good to visit once so that you can say that you have been here.

Wanna See It All
23 October 2011

best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War.

21 September 2010

You are leaving the American Sector!

Leo Z.
4 December 2011

Make a picture with Soviet / American soldiers. But don't give them any money :)

2 June 2013

James Bond travels through Checkpoint Charlie in Octopussy (1983); he is driven there by M to find the train Octopussy is using to help Kamal Khan and Gen. Orlov smuggle jewellery through the border.

The Ritz-Carlton
13 September 2012

East Berliners tunnelled, dived, ballooned and zip-wired to the West when the Cold War offered cold comfort. It’s these great escape stories that make Checkpoint Charlie unmissable.

Rutger de Q.
12 February 2012

Crowded with shit: McDonalds and lousy souvenir-shops.

Luciana C.
18 January 2012

What's the point of paying to have your passport stamped by fake guards? I really don't get this.

9 March 2011

Two jerks dressed as soldiers will ask you for money, take your pictures and don't even pay them attention

29 October 2012

Checkpoint Charlie: the most famous border crossing of all the checkpoints along the wall that used to separate the zone controlled by the USA from that controlled by the Soviets.

Ali K.
28 October 2012

welcome to Checkpoint Charlie! Make sure to visit the museum. The exhibits ate disorganized but are very informative. It is well worth the price of admission.

4 February 2013

Антисоветская пропаганда!

LuisMi Delgado
9 February 2012

El Checkpoint Charlie es el más famoso de los pasos fronterizos del Muro de Berlín entre 1945 y 1990. Se encuentra en la Friedrichstraße.

11 March 2013

Lächeln! // Smile!

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