Sacred mountains in Lobuje

ఎవరెస్టు పర్వతం

85,942 people have been here

ఎవరెస్టు పర్వతం, లేదా (టిబెట్ భాష : ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ ) చోమోలుంగ్మా ) లేదా సాగర్ మాతా (నేపాలీ భాష : सगरमाथा ) ప్రపంచంలోనే ఎత్తైన పర్వతం. సముద్రమట్టానికి 8,848 మీటర్లు లేదా 29,028 అడుగుల ఎత్తులో వున్నది. ఇది నేపాల్ లో గలదు.

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Peter XX
25 March 2011

Oxygen taste real good here.

Raphael Cornuz
7 October 2010

Eat the cleanest snow in the World.

Artyom Fedosov
24 July 2014

The highest summit in Asia and around the world. Elevation — 8,848 m.

Thomas Evans
19 September 2012

Wear a coat

21 February 2012

Try the Frozen Cappuccino up here. It's frozen!

24 January 2011

Need to hot tea !!! But it is awesome good !

Alberto Brandão
18 July 2010

wear coats!

Malcolm MacDonald
6 March 2013

This is a tall mountain.

Gregory Cline
16 November 2011

drinking a beer, having a cig, and wearing my flip flops... perfect weather up here

20 January 2011

Would you want to drink a cup of tea with me on the peak of the world ? !(8,840 m)

Rob Shepherd
29 October 2010

Take snow shoes and something good to breathe

OngAndrew 翁
12 September 2015

My Great Salute to those previous successful Everest conquerors & Respect to those climbers who died somewhere at this famous peak

OngAndrew 翁
12 September 2015

Freezing cold... Superb amazed on the peak of the World

Tenzin Woaber
28 September 2014

Take it easy... Let ur body make adjustment to the altitude before doing any thing physical challenging... Remember it's at more the 5000 meters above sea level

Daniele Giusto
29 August 2014

Popular place among 4sq people 😝

Don Deedo
5 June 2014

Open eyes clearly with deep breath and enjoy with mother of nature

Adam Lorenz
5 June 2014

Try climbing in your swim shorts while sucking the o's

Peter Nitsch
24 October 2012

Bring oxygen.

23 May 2012

I'm on Tip of the World...

Mustafa Tankut Azak
12 August 2016

donasınnn ona göree

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20.5km from Everest Base Camp Trekking Route, Sagarmatha National Park, Khumjung 56000, నేపాల్

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